54.jpg (30462 bytes)

¨With B.T. Express an 80`s disco group

09.jpg (32030 bytes)

With Joe Dassin and a few friends - 1974

10.jpg (27518 bytes)

With René Angelil – 1994

11.jpg (38789 bytes)

Special television show with Boule Noire and Michel Jasmin – 1979

12.jpg (27908 bytes)

With James Brown in Dorval – 1969

13.jpg (33655 bytes)

With Ginette Reno, at the release of an album – 1995

14.jpg (36224 bytes)

With Johnny Farago and Archie Moore, the great boxer at the celebration party of his career – 1986 

15.jpg (33290 bytes)

At his first show with Céline Dion – 1994

55.jpg (28851 bytes)

With Pierre Péladeau, Québec`s
press tycoon

56.jpg (19074 bytes)

With B.B. King at a show 
in Florida - 1970

Bonnie Pointer and Pierre during a show

Aldo Nova and Pierre meets

Pierre, Celine and Sylvie

is this Anna Nicole Smith a few years ago with entertainer Pierre Perpall or?

Pierre and Jason Battah at the recording of the song: "To save the planet"

Pierre Perpall and good friend Bill Rotari

Pierre and Freddie James at a record launch party

Disco time
with Martin Stevens

Pierre and Nancy Martinez

Soul people
Boule Noire, Pierre and Nancy Martinez

Pierre with
Carole, Peaches and herb


Pierre with Vic Vogel

With Roberto Verilli, Jacksoul

Pierre Perpall
& André-Philippe Gagnon
in Florida 2009

Pierre Perpall
& Claudine
in Florida 2009

Playboy Playmate
at Pierre Perpall's show
at Place des Arts

A rare picture of Pierre with a mustache (!)

Numorous unseen photos still available.