Talented singer, dancer and musician, PIERRE PERPALL has been, for more than two decades, present in the show business scene of Quebec, Canada and also internationaly.

Pierre is one of the icons of Rythm and Blues and Break dancing scene of Quebec and Canada. His hits include: « We Can Make it », « Da, Da, Da », « Crème Soufflée », wich have been played a lot during the 80's; in Quebec, North America and Europe.

He has performed, on stage, more than once with other artists such as: James Brown, Céline Dion, Bobby Rydell, Joe Dassin, Nanette Workman. B.B. King, Karen Cheryl and Boule Noire…..

Since talent attracts talent, Pierre has contributed to discover and launch the careers of many artists, such as Goldie Alexander, Laurence Jalbert, Nancy Martinez, Joey Tardiff, Michel Stax, Martin Stevens…….

Pierre Perpall in 1966 with his first group

In 1975, when R & B was at it’s peek



Stage is his passion, although he pursues his singing career, he has also produced over 30 albums since 1978.

His experience is phenomenal and his dynamism makes his style unique, in french as well as in english, he can as well adapt to any kind of audience. A singer with an incredible charisma, he is friendly and naturally modest, a real stage animal that makes him likeable, he can seduce even the "well-known cold hearted ". That's why he has been called "The Entertainer".

Pierre Perpall, who sings with passion, always made the impossible to be able to perform on most of  international stages, to satisfy his fans for whom he has an undying admiration. He has traveled millions of kilometers from Miami to New York, including Montreal, from Toronto to California and Las Vegas... To sing of course, but also to perform on a multitude of television shows (60 to 80), and for recording sessions and to receive prestigious awards and nominations.

To conclude, we can say that Pierre Perpall has been able to ally talent and simplicity. Alphonse Allais once said : « Talent is not all. You have to know how to use it ».

No doubt about it, Pierre sure knows how to use it.

Pierre Perpall today, at the best
 of his shape and experience

With one of the talents he discovered, also a good friend, the great Nancy Martinez