Retro 1966 or 1967
"The soul singer" in 1967
My first sports car a Jaguar XKE
in Miami 1970
Woodstock day's the 70's
"Live" on stage in 2006
My logo
Promo picture in 1969
With the show girls
the "Vegas show"
With my wife Sylvie
Crooner style in 2007 at the Montreal Casino
Present pub photo
Dance group in 1984
Photo Swingtime with blue zoot suit
Dance day's 1978
With my Mercedes in 1989
Purple flash 1984
With Céline Dion in 2005
In 1966 at the T.V. show "Jeunesse d'aujourd'hui"
"Pluton of the Humanoids"
Song "World Invaders"
Pierre Perpall 2009
Pierre promo picture 2009

Pierre "The piano man"

Pierre "The piano man" 2

Pierre Perpall
Pierre in show
Pierre Perpall au casino
Pierre Perpall at Casino

Pierre Perpall l'entertainer
Pierre Perpall The Entertainer
Pierre Perpall en pleine action
Pierre in action
Pierre Perpall Generation Show
Pierre Perpall in show at The Place des Arts 2009
Pierre Perpall
Pierre Perpall, Gigolo